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Furoshiki "70 KOHARE Mori Red"

Furoshiki "70 KOHARE Mori Red"

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"Mori(forest)" is a Furoshiki designed by a dyeing artist, Nobuyuki Takai.

"KOHARE" series is a wrapping cloth that you can use for small celebrations and gifts of daily life. The patterns use auspicious motifs.

Large size can be used not only as a wrapping cloth but also as a tapestry and interior.

Image of forest spreading endlessly.
Dots shining in a quiet woods represent the natural blessings like rain and snow.
In Japan, this pattern of triangles is also called "Uroko Monyou(scale pattern)".
It is reminiscent of sacred scales such as dragons and snakes, which means "regeneration". In the Edo period, it was liked as a pattern with "amulet" effect.
Since it can be used regardless of the four seasons, it is also recommended as a gift wrapping.

Product Info
Product Name: Furoshiki "70 KOHARE Mori Red"
Material: 100% cotton
Product Size ( approx. ) : 27.5 × 27.5 inches ( 700 × 700 mm)
Shipping Weight ( approx. ) : 2.5oz. ( 70g )

Made in Japan.

How to wrapping Furoshiki.

How to wrapping Furoshiki.

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