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"Edosensukobo Matsui" Hiroshi Matsui

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A craftsman who inheriting the "IKI" from the Edo period.

edo sensu matsui

The folding fan was invented in Japan, with date ranging from the 6th to 9th centuries. It has very old history.

The folding fan made by "Edosensukobo Matsui" is an “Edo Sensu (Edo folding fan)”.
It inherits the tradition from the Edo period.

The Edo Sensu is wide compared with Kyo Sensu (Kyoto's folding fan), the number of bones is also a bit less than Kyo Sensu.
And the biggest difference lies in the production process. Although Kyo Sensu has specialized craftworkers in each process in the division of labor, Edo Sensu will work all over 30 processes by one person.
Very high skills are required, and the number of craftsmen is small, so it is valuable item in Japan as well.
This Edo Sensu is the result of expert technique and experience.
We deliver you "IKI(chic)" of Edo.

"Edosensukobo Matsui" Matsui Hiroshi Profile
Hiroshi Matsui received the Traditional Crafts Exhibition Education Committee Award in 1989 and 2001.
Since 2004 Edogawa Ward Designated Intangible Cultural Heritage (Handicraft Technology · Folding Fan) Holder.
In 2009, Edogawa Ward Cultural Achievement Award won. Tokyo Metropolitan Traditional Craft Technology Conservation Federation Members of Edogawa district.
In 2014, commended as Tokyo Meister.



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